Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Clear Demographic Shift Underway & Baby Boomers need Biotechs!

Baby Boomers are already retiring and in 15 years the vast majority will have left the workforce.

What happens as the boomers age? Cancer, strokes, arthritis etc, etc. You get the picture, the biotechs will be counted on a mass scale like never before to treat various forms of diseases.
It will be the old story again "Supply vs. Demand", the politicians can scream all they want about pricing because at the end of the day it will be decided by the Market Demand.

See link for full article: http://money.usnews.com/investing/slideshows/7-stocks-to-buy-for-the-baby-boomer-retirement-wave

Current biotechs in focus: 

European Medicines Agency (EMA), has recommended FOTIVDA™ (tivozanib) for approval, If approved by the EC, marketing authorization for tivozanib will be granted in all 28 countries of the Europe.  EUSA Pharma has agreed to pay AVEO up to $394 million in future research and development funding and milestone payments, assuming successful achievement of specified development, regulatory and commercialization objectives, as well as a tiered royalty ranging from a low double-digit up to mid-twenty percent on net sales of tivozanib in the agreement’s territories. Thirty percent of milestone and royalty payments received by AVEO, excluding research and development funding, are due to Kyowa Hakko Kirin (KHK) as a sublicensing fee in Europe. In the United States, the royalty obligation to KHK ranges from the low- to mid-teens on net sales.
In addition, the insiders have been going wild buying millions of shares of $AVEO.

 Odds of FDA approval now at 70% says Biotech Guru, should have a continued runup in July heading to FDA approval. The Cancer Index announced 6/21/17 that it has added DVAX to the index.
Combination of Dynavax's SD-101 and Keytruda show 100% response in melanoma study;

Phase 3 HEPLISAV-B ™ Adult Hepatitis B Vaccine Phase 1/2 Cancer Immunotherapy Phase 2 Asthma Therapy - Partnered with AstraZeneca In Europe, Dynavax manufactures Hepatitis B surface  antigen for HEPLISAV-B.



The FDA has granted SER-109 which is in Phase 3 both Breakthrough Therapy and Orphan Drug Designations.  Combined PT estimates are now at $23.20


Revenues of Corcept surged by 72% as its FDA approved drug gains traction.



Sunday, February 7, 2016

Article says $3 Trillion Bubble Debt by oil mkt in USA!

This has been one of the best recent articles that I have read that explains what really is going on with the market. Knowing what is going on is what is needed to properly manage your investments.

Read this article in full and you too will know what to do going forward in 2016.
The debt bubble in oil has to pop before a rebound can take hold.