Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GAS company under $10/shr is skyrocketing back on 'Significant Gas News'

FX Energy's previous major spikes to $10+ occurred after crossing $5/shr

FX Energy Inc. ( FXEN ) on Wednesday rallied on news that projected production rates for a new natural-gas well in northern Poland were significantly better than anticipated during recent testing.
The new Tuchola-4K drilled well had an absolute open-flow rate of 117 million cubic feet per day. In addition the nearby Tuchola-3K drilled well had a daily open-flow rate of 98 million cubic feet per day.

Furthermore FX Energy also says that it plans to test again on the Tuchola-4K drilled well and will release its estimates for recoverable reserves and gas composition following this completion.

The two wells together are expected to produce around 24 million cubic feet of natural gas per day once regular production starts, according to FX Energy.

 The wholly-owned Tuchola wells are part of FXEN's 730,000-acre Edge License in north central Poland.

The chart below shows that FX Energy does indeed have the potential to Spike to $10 Plus because its already been able to do it in the recent past with lesser news several times.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Price Target raised to $90 for DVN shares which closed at $70.50 yesterday.

Analyst at FBR says he boosted the price target to $90 because sentiment has changed in DVN and compared to peers its selling at a much lower valuation.